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Relocation in Retirement: How Do Senior Moving Services Help? 


As people age, there are a lot of reasons to move. Perhaps you find it more difficult to get around a big house, or maybe you need extra help with daily activities. You may want to move to a senior living community to socialize with people in your age bracket. No matter your reason, moving always comes with stress. This is particularly true when you live in one place for years or decades. Once you choose where you want to relocate, hiring senior moving services can help make this transition easier. The real estate experts at Team Shope explain how.   


How Can Senior Moving Services Change Your Attitude? 


Just like you allow experts to help you sell your home and/or find a new one that meets your mobility needs, you should allow expert movers to help you move from one place to the next. Specialized senior moving services or senior move managers recognize the stress, emotional weight, and physical demands of relocating. Senior mover services generally include: 


  • Help with organization and downsizing 
  • Interviewing and scheduling movers 
  • Helping you survey the local market 
  • Supervising packing and unpacking 
  • Setting up the new home 
  • Arranging estate sales, donations, and other options to get rid of unwanted items 


In addition, senior movers can help with cleaning and waste removal for the property. They may even assist the realtor in preparing the home if you plan to sell.  


The stress of a move can negatively impact your mental health. Chronic stress creates myelin-producing cells but fewer neurons than normal, which plays a role in developing depression and other emotional disorders. Stress is not only difficult on your ability to feel good but it can also impede your memory. Hiring a moving service eases some of that stress to put you in a better mood. 


How Can You Connect With Senior Movers Locally? 


When you have movers to take care of the stressful aspects of the move, you can focus on the excitement of the journey. How do you find high-quality movers? First, ask around for recommendations. Do you have friends who recently utilized movers?  Next, check the internet for reviews and testimonials. In addition, look for companies that may have deals or credits available through home improvement sites like Angi 


Once you have an idea of which moving company might help, contact the movers for a quote. The company will need to know your needs and from there can provide you with a quote. Once you have a moving service in mind, check credentials. Movers should be licensed, bonded, and insured. 


How Can You Reduce Your Stress Throughout the Move? 


According to the American Psychological Association, stress affects your respiratory, musculoskeletal, endocrine, nervous, and gastrointestinal systems. Muscle tension is one of the most common reactions to stress because it guards you against injury. Unfortunately, chronic stress triggers muscle tension and musculoskeletal pain. 


In the U.S., nearly half of adults suffer from a form of cardiovascular disease. Many of these patients are 60 years or older. Stress may trigger symptoms of CVD. Hiring a senior moving specialist allows you more time to focus on self-care and de-stressing techniques. 


During your move, play music as often as possible. Soothing music at slow tempos can slow your breathing and lower your blood pressure. Seek out foods that boost serotonin. Snack packs with controlled portions can help you eat sweet, starchy foods without adverse health effects. Hot baths can also relax your muscles and ease your mind. 


Prepare yourself for your move with the help of senior moving services. Movers can reduce your stress and allow you the time necessary for self-care.  Taking care of yourself will make your moving experience easier and more pleasant, which will make settling into your new abode more enjoyable and relaxing. 


If you’re looking to buy and sell as part of your downsizing approach, connect with an expert agent from Team Shope today! We know what it takes to get the results our clients want, and we help eliminate the worry that goes with buying and selling. Call us at 717-534-2442. 


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