DIY Backyard Entertainment Ideas


The weather is warming up and its finally time to break out the lawn furniture and start enjoying the outdoors. There is nothing better than weekends being spent in the backyard with family and friends, grilling, relaxing, and having fun.  We have some great ideas for getting creative with fun activities as well as ways to keep those pesky insects away!

After being cooped up indoors all winter there is nothing better than spending those long summer days outside. Until of course you find yourself constantly swatting away mosquito and flies until you eventually accept defeat and go back inside. This summer, to reclaim your yard, try planting herbs and plants that help repel those pests! Plant basil, garlic and rosemary in pots near gathering areas to keep mosquitoes and flies away! Catnip and lemongrass are also great mosquito repellents. If you have pets consider planting sage which will help keep ticks at bay.  Not only do these plants look nice, you’ll have fresh herbs for cooking and they keep those annoying pests away!

Now that you have the bugs under control, it’s time to get creative with your outdoor space. Having a BBQ? Set up some fun games for everyone to play. Spray paint Twister on the lawn or make a giant Jenga Set! If your feeling creative, check out the link below for ways to make a backyard bowling alley and a mini golf course! Have the fun continue after dark with a backyard movie night. Set up a projector, blankets and snacks and cozy up with the family while watching a classic! Check out the links below for easy step by step how to's for making your backyard the place to be this summer!

Bug Repellent Plants

DIY Backyard Movie Theater

DIY Jumbo Jenga Tower

DIY Lawn Twister

DIY Lawn Games


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