7 Reasons Why Winter is a Better Time to Sell!


Did you know that selling in winter attracts more serious buyers?  Seriously! Especially when inventory is low!  Buyers feel urgency and are more likely to act quickly to purchase, often pushing prices up over list price!  

So why wait until Spring when everyone else waits to do it? Are you nuts? LIST NOW!!! Beat the rush! Call Amanda or Josh to schedule your appointment.  We will walk you through the basics of the process and give you stats on what you can expect to net with your sale!  With over 124 homes sold in 2016, obviously Team Shope is doing something right!  The average agent only sells 11 homes a year!

What are you waiting for?  Let's get you on to the next chapter!  See Truila's 7 Reasons You Shouldn't Wait Until Spring To List Your Home For Sale here!

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Photo credit: https://expertbeacon.com